Surface Family

So, Microsoft has added a new member to their Surface family.  The product name is the Surface Laptop, it is priced at $999.  Now that price puts it in the premium bracket competing with the MacBook Air directly.  But I feel it’s a better bur than the MBAir, unless Apple gives us a new improved version.   Anyway, this new addition to the line will be available June 15th.   SurfaceLPTP2Now, some say that Microsoft is trying to get back into the classroom with this machine.  Currently, Google is found in a lot of school districts with the Chromebook, based on it’s cheaper price (around $200 per unit).  Microsoft is making a configuration of the laptop for schools that is priced at approximately $189.  Now, with this configuration of the machine it will a reworked version of Windows 10.  This is the new operating system from Microsoft is called Windows 10S, basically it is for the classroom.  I’m disappointed that Microsoft didn’t include a USB type-C port.  All things aside I really like the new model and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.  But I have recently went out and bought a new laptop already the Dell XPS 15.  So, as of right now I’m not in the market for a new laptop.  Although, I always love in tech.  I am still waiting to see if there is a new Surface Pro 5 on the horizon.  Pre-orders are available here, until then I will be rock the Surface 3.


Latest Update

Hey fellow otakus, so I’m preparing for the upcoming convention season.  This year has kicked off for me already with the “Black Comic Book Festival” in Harlem, NY.  Just in case you haven’t checked out our coverage of this event, have a look here.  Now, the next event I plan on covering will be either Wonder-con or C2E2.  Honestly, I would like to cover both (fingers crossed), but mostly I will be attending C2E2 in Chicago.  Right now, I don’t have my plan of attack set in stone, but I have a solidc2e2 2 month to get things in order.  This time BigL will be joining me in Chicago for C2E2, barring unforeseen circumstances.  Aside from the cons, I will be hitting the film festival market hard in preparations for my upcoming film.  I’m still in the early stages of the film.  So, my first film will be a documentary.  I will have more details coming though out the year.  Finally, I’m really looking forward to Microsoft’s announcement of the Surface Pro 5 and possible Surface 5.  Currently, I’m working with the Surface 3 as my primary computer.  I love the Surface PC line since the Pro 3.  Truth be told I will buy the Surface pro5Pro 5 regardless.  Even if they don’t change anything between this and the Pro 4.  Plus I’m not one of those I have to upgrade every six months to a year consumers.  The only reason why I would is if there is a significant upgrade like the HTC M7 to the HTC M8, yes I made that switch lol.  But, two years ago we talked about the Surface Pro 3 on the show and on this website.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store and with that said I will end it here, “for otaku by otaku” thanks for reading.

Mykey Fresh


New shows available!!!

Hey guys, since Dec. we here at Otaku American have been trying to push out more and more LogoColorNoTextcontent.  Right now, we have (dating back from Dec) 5 shows available to listen to on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play just to name a few.  Some of the topics on these shows were about games like Watch Dogs 2, Astroneer, and GTAV.  Along with revisiting one of your old shows called “Attack on Podcast” and a recap of the Black Comic Book Festival 17.  So, as of today we are debating on releasing some lost episodes and segments that never aired, some segments didn’t make sense at the time.  Some shows just weren’t released at all for no real reason, maybe they just took too long to edit.  Whatever, the reason we are deciding to release them now…….maybe.  Other than that our friend and brother in arms is relaunching his podcast Rhythm and the Rebel on SoundCloud.  We will keep you updated on that front.  Aside from podcasting, we are in the middle of producing two documentaries right now.  So, we will be quite busy in the next two years on those projects.


Black Comic Book Festival

Hey, yes we are a little late on this post.  I have been trying to think about what to write for


this week.  But here’s a quick recap of what we were up to this past weekend.  Jaz Wonder and I went to the 5th annual Black Comic Book Festival on Saturday the Jan 14th, the festival was for two days Friday and Saturday at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NY.  There were a lot of artists we knew of like Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams (of Tuskegee Heirs), Jerome Walford (of Nowhere Man), Kwanza Osajyefo (of Black), Naseed Gifted (of P.B.Soldier) just to name a few.  Also there were artists I was happy to meet new artists like John Jennings (of Kindred), Yumy Odom (of ECBACC), and Alex Simmons (of Blackjack).  As a whole I loved to see that the event has gotten bigger and now for the first


time this year it is two days instead of just one.  I for one was happy to hear this mainly because I had a last minute photography gig that Friday.  So, I was grateful for the expansion of the event.  I loved seeing so many people coming out to see this event on a somewhat snowy day in Harlem.   So, the next event we are gearing up for will be C2E2 and MoCCA.  Right now WonderCon is kind of up in the air, we would like to go but we aren’t sure.  Either way we will be going out west……well farther out west this year.  It will be my first time in California, so I’m really


looking forward to it.  Check out our Youtube channel for the footage we took of the BCBF17 in Harlem and as always for Otaku by Otaku thanks for reading.  Also, check out the podcast here.



Drones Are You Ready?

So, as some of you are aware, OA owns two forms of drone tech.  We own the Yuneec Breeze 4K and the DJI OSMO handheld and are in the market for a commercial grade.  Yes, the OSMO isn’t technically a drone but the tech is similar to their drone counterpart.  Let us first state by no means are we experts in the field of drones but we have used the two we have, so we do have enough experience to comment on this subject.

Now, let me say drones are really fun to play with, but can be really expensive.  Every time yuneec_djiI crash my heart stops a little (lol), but it reasonable to feel this way since, there can be a lot of money freefalling to the ground or into a body of water.  Yes, you could purchase those toy drones and they can be a great start into the world.  But, in order to get the full effect, toy drones just won’t cut it.  The commercial grade drones learning curve are quite steep, it’s not like flying a fully automated or RC drone.  Those of you thinking about buying a drone for business purposes, I would hold off on that.  Mainly because there are some hidden issues like, registration (based on the state you live in), cost of upkeep, learning curve, and manpower are a few that come to mind.  Although, I think it can be a worthwhile addition to video production.

But, the main question is, are the mainstream consumer ready to go out and buy one.  I say no, because for one I think the industry doesn’t know what it wants to be.  The drone market consists of two types (in my opinion) Toy and Commercial.  The toy side is inundated with companies trying to drl-logomake a quick buck.  Take CES, there is a huge section of toy types but DJI and Yuneec are the only real true players in the market.  Most of these drone markers won’t be around by next year, let alone the next 5 or 10 years.  Yes, there are some that are trying to be innovative but, it seems to many of them are gimmicky as a whole.  Plus, I would like to see a third company just into the commercial market before I come to a conclusion.  So, as of are now I side we as consumers are not ready, but soon we will be just like 4K and VR.  Oh, btw there is a professional drone racing league  (DRL) that can be seen on ESPN and Sky Sports.  Let’s hope this becomes just as big as e-sports………fingers crossed!!!

Mykey Fresh

Slow Build

What do we mean by slow build?  Well we are transitioning from an audio podcast to a video podcast via Youtube.  It doesn’t mean we are giving up on audio altogether.  Of course not, but our focus will be shifting little by little to a video format.  We do have another audio show available now along with the first part of OA’s annual montage.  Usually it is just one but we have gone to quite a few places this past year.  Check it out below!

yowamushi3This will be an ongoing project on our channel.  In regards to anime I’m happy to find out there will be a new season of Yowamushi Pedal.  Plus, I’m finally catching up on Twin Star Exorcists, trying to make room for this year’s crop of anime.  Mykey Fresh and BigL will be going over the new year of anime for the show.

Recently, we got our hands on the DJI Osmo with the purpose of getting more stable shots.  As of right now we here at OA love the new camera, we have yet to use it on location but as a b-roll or secondary camera I think it will be great.  We also intend on buying or renting a new drone currently we have the Yuneec Breeze 4K.  Which seems to be pretty good but it does have its limits.   Speaking of tech and gadgets now, as most of you know we are in CES time and for those who don’t know CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is where your favorite tech companies show off their wares for the future.  So, me being a gadget whore I’m loving the show although I wish we were there 528965-honda-neuvcovering it in person……….baby steps.  Anyway I’m loving a lot of the products in this year’s show.  Some of the products revealed so far I like are the Honda NeuV concept car.  I just have a fondness for boxy vehicles, I must say.  Honda isn’t the only car company I like the newcomer Faraday Future FF91.  Hopefully, we will have a true rival to Tesla.  The new ultra thin TVs are amazing, some being so thin they have to be hung up on the wall is incredible.   We still have two more days to salivate over the new tech and concepts for the future and I for one can’t wait……………For Otaku By Otaku

Mykey Fresh

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year to you all.  So, this is our first post of the new year, starting this year we will be posting once or twice a week.  Posting days will be mostly Monday and/or Fridays.  A lot has changed in a year, we received some new equipment video and photography.  nintendoswitch_hardware2-0We also started a new podcast called Otaku Tek on iTunes and Google Play, in that show the guys of Otaku American discuss everything tech that would revolve around the life of an otaku.  Like for instance, different hardware to upgrade your gaming PC to some of the new consoles (Xbox One S, PS4, Nintendo Switch), along with VR and 4K.  This show is here so we can focus on the manga, cosplaying and anime on Otaku American.  Speaking about Otaku American, this year we plan on going to WonderCon.  This would be our first time going to WonderCon and Mykey Fresh’s first time going out to the west coast.  We will also going to C2E2, NYCC, Newark avgcComic Con, and A Video Games Con to name a few.  This year will be a fun year for us and you, we will keep you posted on our new website and Youtube channel as soon as we get details and as always………. For Otaku By Otaku

Thanks for Reading

It’s Finally Here

The new season of Attack on Titan is coming this spring, yes I’m a bit late to the party but I’m glad it has been announced.  I remember talking about it on OA back in 2013, (wow it seems so long ago) I recorded a solo act on our podcast talking about my feels on the announcement.  So, go check that out and yes, we have been really bad at keeping up with the site but that will change this coming year.  We have a lot of big things coming in 2017!!!

Mykey Fresh

Checkout our podcast

Hey guys and gals,

Here are just a few of the shows we have posted on the podcast feed.  We had a few interviews with new up and coming artists and writers, here are the shows:

Comanga LLC



Our first interview showcases Molby Jean of Comanga LLC.  We had an awesome time doing with interview.  Our second interview with Molby is just around the corner.  Keep an eye out for some of the content coming out from Comanga LLC.



Shonen King

Shonen KingThe second interview features Issac Shapro and Scott Ferguson.  In the interview, we talk about how much we love anime and manga while also some of the ridiculous nature of the art form.  We here at Otaku American are scheduling a follow up with those guys soon.


Nowhere Man

nowheremanLast but not least, we have our interview with Jerome Walford of Nowhere Man by Forward Comix.  We have run into each other for quite sometime, but not until now have we done a interview.  We here are looking forward to what comes out of Forward Comix in the near future.




So, that’s just an update of some of the shows we have just released.  As always, For Otaku By Otaku thanks for reading, listening, and soon watching.


Why I have changed my mind?


OK, initially I was pretty cold on seeing the new Deadpool movie.  First of all, I’m not the biggest deadpool fan growing up.  Honestly, I thought deadpool is a bit over the top for my liking.  Yes, he’s an assassin and I like those type of characters, but his persona is just a tad too much sarcasm for me.

DeadpoolSo, the picking Ryan Reynolds was the obvious choice.  Based upon the sarcastic nature of Reynolds it seemed like a cop out on Marvel/Disney side, I mean he is basically playing Van Wilder again.  However, as the movie release date draws near and I’m being bombarded with their marketing.  I have actually took the time to see the two trailers that have been released.  So, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a bit more origin and maybe a little (and I do mean a little less of Reynolds sarcasm).  That’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong I loved Van Wilder back when it came out back in 2002.  But, I’m a bit older now and I have out grown that humor (not entirely lol).  Now, if they cast a different actor I might……..better yet I would be more open to it.

Deadpool2Also, the movie will be released Feb 12th.   Yes, Valentine’s Day weekend I’m sure it would do well regardless, but seems like it is trying too hard to be a date movie which it’s not in my opinion.  Maybe that is just the tone they are going for.  Unfortunately, It’s not all bad, I did like the cameo of Colossus and the other X-Man.  In the end, I will go and see this movie but I will still be a bit cautious nonetheless.