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When faced with elimination who stands up against the pressure?  The Heat find themselves in the final hour versus the Spurs.  Can they make a comeback for the ages?  Also we debate the hypothetical scenario of Carmelo Anthony joining the Big 3 in Miami now that he is a free agent. Plus, another team on the verge of certain ousting.  The New York Rangers staved off elimination to survive another day but how long can it last without Rick Nash playing up to par of a star?  We also discuss Donald Sterling’s desire to exact revenge on the NBA and why if your the father of a girl on the Palisades High School Basketball team you might have to have words with Ron Artest????

Nickels and Dimes


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV


Thoughts on the No Show of KH3+FFXV


So it has been confirmed that SquareEnix will not be showing any new information on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV games.   Honestly I think this is a waste.  Although they are making us watch the trailer for KH2.5 to get info on KH3, which is a great marketing ploy.  Are we really interested in buying and playing a game we played back in ’07?  I still play my original, but that was expected. What I would have been looking forward to was info on the Final Fantasy XV; currently we here at OA are playing FFXIV.  I love this game, (for me I’m not a fan of MMORPGs).  However, the more I play this game the more I’m interested in FFXV. So, in regards to Square I’m not looking forward to there E3 show as a whole.  What are your thoughts on this or any other E3 developments?


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