Microsoft Surface Pro 3


So, I have just received the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from UPS today and as of right now I’m a bit overwhelmed. It has exceed my expectations. The functionality it is very impressive, as a tablet it is on par with any high end device on the market. When it comes to a laptop, I think it depends on what you need. Personally it will be my secondary laptop.  Although as a primary laptop you could get away with it, if you don’t demand a lot. I do think it matches up nicely against the MacBook Air. But this my first impression and I like it.  If you would like a little bit more check our podcast by the same name, click the link below.  There will be a review on this device later



Well I finally received my new computer, so back to the grind.  First if you are not aware we here at OA have a more recent show available called Cool Blue.

Next we will be having reviews on AC: Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition among others in our Thanksgiving show.  We will have more to come in the next weeks, oh and we will try to post on Thursdays for now on.