Blackberry Priv is it worth it?

Well as most of you would know I have just bought the Blackberry Priv recently, in the last installment of Solo Act on Otaku American Podcast.  This article is just more in depth on my thoughts of the device. By now most of you reading this have seen all the specs, so I feel it would just be a waste of time to go through all of that.  Instead, I will touch on some of the points I wish were brought up and what most people ask me about it.


OK, first the build quality, the phone is solidly built what I mean by that is it seems to be made with premium materials.  The phone is a bit on the heavy side, now some people may not like that but I personally feel as though if I paid flagship money I don’t want my phone feeling plastic and cheap.  I didn’t appreciate spending over $500 for the Samsung S5, it felt like an entry level phone.  Next, we have the big question at hand, “How well does Android run on a BlackBerry?”  Now for the most part Blackberry is using a fairly stock version of android, which if you are moving from HTC (like myself) or Samsung it may take some time to get used to.  However, you would be able to get the hang of it reasonably quick, a lot of the bells and whistles you would be used to on HTC and Samsung aren’t there.  The only issue I have is the version of Android is Lollipop and not Marshmallow (Android’s newest build) otherwise I have no real other issues.

IMG_0336OK, yes there is a physical keyboard, but it is much smaller and the keys aren’t as deep.  It’s a rather mediocre keyboard at best, but I found myself using the soft keys more (probably because I’m used to Android phones now).  Now the price of the handset is a bit expensive, at $699.99 it is up there, although that’s pretty much on par with other flagship phones from HTC and Samsung.  Of course who is really paying that much for a phone, most people will be buying this or any phone via the cellular carriers’ contracts or finance plan (monthly payments).  I have seen some of the other reviews from other sites and a lot of people compare the Priv to other Android devices (Samsung S6, Nexus 6P, Moto X Pure, etc.), yes the Priv isn’t as good as the other devices.

IMG_0340However, it is Blackberry first entry into the Android market, I feel it is an incredible first start.  The other companies have either been using Android from day one or Donut, or were either taken over by Google (Motorola).  So, with that said I feel the Priv is a good buy and you won’t be missing anything, Android plus Blackberry I believe it is time for BBMers to come home.  Yes, I’m a BBMer (Blackberry Curve, 1st Bold, and Torch), definitely a must buy for current and former BBM users and for the newcomers welcome.