Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year to you all.  So, this is our first post of the new year, starting this year we will be posting once or twice a week.  Posting days will be mostly Monday and/or Fridays.  A lot has changed in a year, we received some new equipment video and photography.  nintendoswitch_hardware2-0We also started a new podcast called Otaku Tek on iTunes and Google Play, in that show the guys of Otaku American discuss everything tech that would revolve around the life of an otaku.  Like for instance, different hardware to upgrade your gaming PC to some of the new consoles (Xbox One S, PS4, Nintendo Switch), along with VR and 4K.  This show is here so we can focus on the manga, cosplaying and anime on Otaku American.  Speaking about Otaku American, this year we plan on going to WonderCon.  This would be our first time going to WonderCon and Mykey Fresh’s first time going out to the west coast.  We will also going to C2E2, NYCC, Newark avgcComic Con, and A Video Games Con to name a few.  This year will be a fun year for us and you, we will keep you posted on our new website and Youtube channel as soon as we get details and as always………. For Otaku By Otaku

Thanks for Reading


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