Black Comic Book Festival

Hey, yes we are a little late on this post.  I have been trying to think about what to write for


this week.  But here’s a quick recap of what we were up to this past weekend.  Jaz Wonder and I went to the 5th annual Black Comic Book Festival on Saturday the Jan 14th, the festival was for two days Friday and Saturday at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NY.  There were a lot of artists we knew of like Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams (of Tuskegee Heirs), Jerome Walford (of Nowhere Man), Kwanza Osajyefo (of Black), Naseed Gifted (of P.B.Soldier) just to name a few.  Also there were artists I was happy to meet new artists like John Jennings (of Kindred), Yumy Odom (of ECBACC), and Alex Simmons (of Blackjack).  As a whole I loved to see that the event has gotten bigger and now for the first


time this year it is two days instead of just one.  I for one was happy to hear this mainly because I had a last minute photography gig that Friday.  So, I was grateful for the expansion of the event.  I loved seeing so many people coming out to see this event on a somewhat snowy day in Harlem.   So, the next event we are gearing up for will be C2E2 and MoCCA.  Right now WonderCon is kind of up in the air, we would like to go but we aren’t sure.  Either way we will be going out west……well farther out west this year.  It will be my first time in California, so I’m really


looking forward to it.  Check out our Youtube channel for the footage we took of the BCBF17 in Harlem and as always for Otaku by Otaku thanks for reading.  Also, check out the podcast here.



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