New shows available!!!

Hey guys, since Dec. we here at Otaku American have been trying to push out more and more LogoColorNoTextcontent.  Right now, we have (dating back from Dec) 5 shows available to listen to on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play just to name a few.  Some of the topics on these shows were about games like Watch Dogs 2, Astroneer, and GTAV.  Along with revisiting one of your old shows called “Attack on Podcast” and a recap of the Black Comic Book Festival 17.  So, as of today we are debating on releasing some lost episodes and segments that never aired, some segments didn’t make sense at the time.  Some shows just weren’t released at all for no real reason, maybe they just took too long to edit.  Whatever, the reason we are deciding to release them now…….maybe.  Other than that our friend and brother in arms is relaunching his podcast Rhythm and the Rebel on SoundCloud.  We will keep you updated on that front.  Aside from podcasting, we are in the middle of producing two documentaries right now.  So, we will be quite busy in the next two years on those projects.


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