Ascension Episode One


Ok, I saw the first episode of Ascension.  Not many pilot shows hold my interest and even this one cause me to want to disregard.  The beginning felt a little slow and maybe I was expecting more sixties attitudes.  They did have the technology down.  But just in the 15-20 min. mark is when the show really picked up.  Now I will say this I was not born in the sixties, but I my thought about the attitudes of the era and what was portrayed seems disjointed.  I mean the there was no outside influences to change people’s perceptions of race, gender, or creed biases.  Although I guess the upper and lower deck references are the substitute of the social aspect.  But it is only the first episode and the twist at the end was very surprising.  So as of right now I will be watching the other episodes of the mini-series these coming weeks.


More of my thoughts on Ascension in an extra Solo Act this month.  It is good to see SyFy going back to producing sci-fi programs.

By Mykey Fresh

Upcoming Shows and Arrow


We have been working on some new shows, one of which is another Round Table.  In the upcoming Round Table it’s Mykey Fresh with friends Jamal and Frank, as they talk about The Flash.  In that discussion Arrow came up of course.  So there will also be a show covering along with a post on this site.  The Solo Act of this month belongs to BigL and it will arrive later this month.  So keep a lookout for these shows coming down the pipe.


Up and Running


Now that I have the new equipment and time, we have been more effective.  The byproduct of this is more shows, check the first impression of Mykey Fresh’s MS Surface Pro 3.  We also have started a new (for us) type of show called “Roundtable” the first episode is on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. timetable I’m not sure what the frequency will be but it will be available on Wednesdays.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3


So, I have just received the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from UPS today and as of right now I’m a bit overwhelmed. It has exceed my expectations. The functionality it is very impressive, as a tablet it is on par with any high end device on the market. When it comes to a laptop, I think it depends on what you need. Personally it will be my secondary laptop.  Although as a primary laptop you could get away with it, if you don’t demand a lot. I do think it matches up nicely against the MacBook Air. But this my first impression and I like it.  If you would like a little bit more check our podcast by the same name, click the link below.  There will be a review on this device later



Well I finally received my new computer, so back to the grind.  First if you are not aware we here at OA have a more recent show available called Cool Blue.

Next we will be having reviews on AC: Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition among others in our Thanksgiving show.  We will have more to come in the next weeks, oh and we will try to post on Thursdays for now on.

Nickel and Dimes are Now on the Video Scene

*****Heres this week show y’all, support you homies we got video now. You may not have time to watch whole thing but just skim thru if you need. Check us out on Youtube, the more plays the better! Here’s the rundown so you can fast forward directly to what topic interest you….

00:45- How much hot water is the NFL in and what should they do now?
06:35- Is Jameis Winston worth a 1st round pick after latest incident?
14:43- Is Devin Hester worthy of the Hall of Fame?
18:00- Which 0-2 teams are in the most trouble?
22:49- Google this @!*$ segment

As always check the full show here

OA Rebooting of the Youtube channel is up next

Black Superheroes


In the newest episode of OA, we discuss some of our favorite black superheroes and the upcoming games for the holiday.

There are two black superheroes (one is a group and the other is a solo character).  The first is PB Soldier by Naseed Gifted and Abel Garcia.  Check out their site

The second being Battle Masterz by Dorm World Comics, their site

Wakfu on Netflix


As of now Wakfu is available on Netflix, I have started watching the show.  So far it is ok, If you don’t know what Wakfu is, it’s a MMORPG.  At first I wasn’t aware of even the term (Wakfu) until last year’s comic-con, when a cosplayer choose one of the characters.  It piqued my interest to find out more, I found out it was a MMORPG.  I didn’t play the game, at that time (and still to some extant) I’m not a big MMO player.  So I happened upon Wakfu on Netflix, and I thought of that cosplayer.  You can check it out here

The anime originally came out Oct 2008 and ended Mar 2012, it has two seasons.  However Netflix only has the first season, it does have an english dub which was Kickstarted back in Jan 2014.  We will have a review of this anime later; but if you want more info check out.

New Shows


We discuss some of the games that have come out before the storm that is Destiny.  How Mykey felt about Madden 15 and BigL’s Bound by Flame, along with animes Noragami, Irregular at Magic HS and Rail Wars ED theme as music break.


N&D360 2

We’ve made it! NFL WEEK 1 the day we’ve been waiting for since SuperBowl Sunday. Everyone is 0-0 but we tell you who we think should be favorite to win each division. Plus why the NFLPA is trying condone popping Molly’s?