Blackberry Priv is it worth it?

Well as most of you would know I have just bought the Blackberry Priv recently, in the last installment of Solo Act on Otaku American Podcast.  This article is just more in depth on my thoughts of the device. By now most of you reading this have seen all the specs, so I feel it would just be a waste of time to go through all of that.  Instead, I will touch on some of the points I wish were brought up and what most people ask me about it.


OK, first the build quality, the phone is solidly built what I mean by that is it seems to be made with premium materials.  The phone is a bit on the heavy side, now some people may not like that but I personally feel as though if I paid flagship money I don’t want my phone feeling plastic and cheap.  I didn’t appreciate spending over $500 for the Samsung S5, it felt like an entry level phone.  Next, we have the big question at hand, “How well does Android run on a BlackBerry?”  Now for the most part Blackberry is using a fairly stock version of android, which if you are moving from HTC (like myself) or Samsung it may take some time to get used to.  However, you would be able to get the hang of it reasonably quick, a lot of the bells and whistles you would be used to on HTC and Samsung aren’t there.  The only issue I have is the version of Android is Lollipop and not Marshmallow (Android’s newest build) otherwise I have no real other issues.

IMG_0336OK, yes there is a physical keyboard, but it is much smaller and the keys aren’t as deep.  It’s a rather mediocre keyboard at best, but I found myself using the soft keys more (probably because I’m used to Android phones now).  Now the price of the handset is a bit expensive, at $699.99 it is up there, although that’s pretty much on par with other flagship phones from HTC and Samsung.  Of course who is really paying that much for a phone, most people will be buying this or any phone via the cellular carriers’ contracts or finance plan (monthly payments).  I have seen some of the other reviews from other sites and a lot of people compare the Priv to other Android devices (Samsung S6, Nexus 6P, Moto X Pure, etc.), yes the Priv isn’t as good as the other devices.

IMG_0340However, it is Blackberry first entry into the Android market, I feel it is an incredible first start.  The other companies have either been using Android from day one or Donut, or were either taken over by Google (Motorola).  So, with that said I feel the Priv is a good buy and you won’t be missing anything, Android plus Blackberry I believe it is time for BBMers to come home.  Yes, I’m a BBMer (Blackberry Curve, 1st Bold, and Torch), definitely a must buy for current and former BBM users and for the newcomers welcome.

Windows 10, Surface, and Comcast


Today is the first day of downloading and using windows 10.  So, I have downloaded and have been using now since this morning and so far so good.  I have the MS Surface 3 and the Surface Pro 3 the look and feel is a nice balance of the Windows 7 and 8.1.  The only issue I had was the appearance of the desktop, which is a quick fix for anyone that has used any Windows operating system.  The app store is a bit more robust compared to the tablet app store.  As of right now I’m pleasantly surprised with what I’m seeing.  Now, for the Comcast side, I use Fios for most of my internet needs, but there is also Comcast in the building.  Don’t get me wrong I use Comcast, for television but for internet by no means am I using Comcast.  It took 2.5 hours to download to 58% and that’s just crazy.  I know Fios is more expensive compared to Comcast but not by that much.  I think I’m going to enjoy my Surface more now, I’m really looking forward to streaming from the Xbox One to the Surface or desktop.  I new review of the Surface 3 with Windows 10 will be up in about a month.

Shenmue 3 is making a comeback

As of yesterday on KICKSTARTER, Ys Net launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Shenmue 3 back to the fans that have been dying for this game.  It has been 14 years since the last game hit the shelves for Dreamcast.  In my opinion this is what makes Kickstarter so awesome, to be able to bring cult classic games back to the market.  There is a market for these games contrary to the gaming industry thinking, like they know what we want all the time lol.  Back to the Kickstarter, If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is basically a crowd sourcing website for ideas.  Projects have a time frame and reward tier based on the donation.  If the project is successful your donation is taken out of your account, if not then nothing is taken.  Once you back a project, you receive updates on that project, mainly just for the backers.  I personally have been using Kickstarter to back all kinds of projects. Here’s where you can donate to Ys net project.  So far they have met their goal of 2 million dollars, but they do have stretch goals.

Shenmue on Kickstarter Shenmue Lan Di Shenmue Ryo Shenmue3a

Ultimately, this game will be coming out now for what platforms remains to be seen.  Right now they just mention PC and PS4, but I would love to play it on Xbox One.  In my opinion, I always thought Xbox was similar to Dreamcast.  More info is available on their Kickstarter site……………..I can’t wait for this game!

Eric Dean Seaton Interview and New Spin-off to OA

Hello Otakus,

So, we have the Eric Dean Seaton interview up for your listening pleasure.  We ran into Mr. Seaton while at C2E2, also BigL and I talk a little about his book, “The Legend of Mantamaji” and how we felt about it.  Check out that show here.  We are thinking about doing a spin off of OA dealing with sports.  When we say sports we don’t mean we talk about sports in American.  No, we talk about those and other cultures sports (cricket, 9-man, Rugby, etc.).  Along with anime sports ( e.g Kuroko’s No Basket, Ace of the Diamond, Baby Steps, and so on),  We are really stoked about this addition to the family.  So, keep an eye out for these projects and more of our C2E2 and other shows.

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Recap of C2E2 and some of the interviews coming soon

It has been a week now since C2E2, so the goings on of the show has sinked in.  Have our overall thoughts of the show since day 2 & 3 changed.  Check it out on the recap show

c2e2 2

Also watch out for some of the interviews we gathered from C2E2, the first of them is with Eric Dean Seaton the writer of The Legend of Mantamaji


The Final Day of C2E2

Here’s the second show on our impressions of day three,our recap of C2E2 is coming up.

Along with interviews with some of the writers and artists from the show.  Also Mykey Fresh has joined Twitch (OA_MykeyFr3sh), and watch some of BigL’s antics on Twitch here


Our First Show of C2E2


Mykey Fresh here and this is the first of our C2E2 coverage, we have a few interviews coming out.  On a personal note, I really enjoyed C2E2.  We met some really awesome people, the city of Chicago was great to a couple of Jersey guys.  I definitely have to make a trip out there to really get to know the city.

New Show

As of today we here at OA have posted a new show, it is a Solo Act featuring BigL this month.  BigL talks about two games he has been playing, check it out


Starting today we have began recording new episodes together, due to the work being done here we had to record Roundtables and Solo Acts.  But we are back together, these shows will be posted before C2E2.  Now speaking of C2E2, I for one can’t wait to get over there.  If anyone else is going hit us up

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Some Time

Well it has been some time since I last posted, but there has been a lot going on since the last post.  First of all we have posted two shows since the last entry, another Roundtable discussion involving the last Naruto movie.

last naruto

The second show was last month’s Solo Act about the whole VR craze and Mykey Fresh’s thoughts on whether it will last longer than the last VR stint.  


We also have been working on a new logo.  We have one done, but we are working with an artist on another one hopefully it will be done by NYCC this year.



So, C2E2 will be going on at the end of this month and we will be there, still getting prepared for the trip.  Definitely looking forward to it will be our first time in Chicago, more posts will be made in this month and future months leading into Comic-con season……..can’t wait!!!