Ascension Episode One


Ok, I saw the first episode of Ascension.  Not many pilot shows hold my interest and even this one cause me to want to disregard.  The beginning felt a little slow and maybe I was expecting more sixties attitudes.  They did have the technology down.  But just in the 15-20 min. mark is when the show really picked up.  Now I will say this I was not born in the sixties, but I my thought about the attitudes of the era and what was portrayed seems disjointed.  I mean the there was no outside influences to change people’s perceptions of race, gender, or creed biases.  Although I guess the upper and lower deck references are the substitute of the social aspect.  But it is only the first episode and the twist at the end was very surprising.  So as of right now I will be watching the other episodes of the mini-series these coming weeks.


More of my thoughts on Ascension in an extra Solo Act this month.  It is good to see SyFy going back to producing sci-fi programs.

By Mykey Fresh