Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV


Thoughts on the No Show of KH3+FFXV


So it has been confirmed that SquareEnix will not be showing any new information on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV games.   Honestly I think this is a waste.  Although they are making us watch the trailer for KH2.5 to get info on KH3, which is a great marketing ploy.  Are we really interested in buying and playing a game we played back in ’07?  I still play my original, but that was expected. What I would have been looking forward to was info on the Final Fantasy XV; currently we here at OA are playing FFXIV.  I love this game, (for me I’m not a fan of MMORPGs).  However, the more I play this game the more I’m interested in FFXV. So, in regards to Square I’m not looking forward to there E3 show as a whole.  What are your thoughts on this or any other E3 developments?


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